What is a healthy breakfast and why people struggle with them

So a simple but ever plaguing topic for people.

Do I eat breakfast, not eat breakfast … what is a “ healthy breakfast “ are all things that we get asked and come across on a daily basis.

NOW, there are patterns that occur in this quandary.

I know…. More than you would think about at breakfast eh?

The Struggle With Breakfast

So on thing that people struggle wih, especially when it comes to a new routine, lets say a bootcamp as that is what we are talking abut really. And the main thing they struggle with is if the change in routine is too big to cope with .

Breakfast could be one of these factors!

If you are an individual that doesn’t eat breakfast, and a coach does the following (this is just an example btw)

Takes you from your current eating routine, places you on a diet that’s is restrictive and then asks you to exercise as well, record training ,food, weights, and asks you to add parts to your day such as eating breakfast. All of which you don’t normally do and your schedule is already packed and full to the brim.


OK, at first say week 1-2 the enthusiasm will be there, but after that the all too familiar feeling of spreading yourself too thin and being out of routine more often than not starts to take over.

I exercise caution when I say this as, if your routine really isn’t working, you are failing , feel shit and are massively unhealthy then yes some things may need to change but in a moderated progressive manner not all at once.

So what actually is a healthy breakfast?

So back to brekki…

Society would dictate what actually is a healthy breakfast - but are they right?

Society would dictate what actually is a healthy breakfast - but are they right?

So what actually is a healthy breakfast?

Society would dictate the following , see if you agree

A carb based , slow burning energy source such as cereal, oats, toast, maybe a bagel or something?

What do you think?
Most people we speak to follow suit in this way, again I exercise caution with most of the things I say as I do not want you to get confused and think that this is going to be some biased assault on carbs as this really is not the case at all.

So what about a higher protein breakfast?

Eggs on toast, protein shake, salmon and cream cheese bagel is one of my absolute faves when I am eating more animal produce.

Neither is right or wrong ... unless you have a specific dietary issue where you have to eliminate one or the other you can have either ... my point is don’t be dictated to which is right or wrong.

In Summary

I suppose I would summarise how I try to have my breakfast like this:


Obvious I know, but if I am being restricted, and then eating something I am not particularly keen on for breakfast as well I’m probably not going to stick to it for long.

So it depends what you are looking to achieve on an individual basis and how much time and knowledge you are putting into what you are eating in your health.

So sitting in the middle for me is this …………

Finding something that you like to eat, that you can stick to, that is in line with the goals that you have.

As a meal that is deemed health and nutritionally dense, could take you way over your calorie/energy needs for the day… thus making you gain weight if it was something you did regularly.

Where as something deemed as unhealthy could be within your balance of energy needs and be perfect..

Its all about the balance.

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