It is only normal to be nervous when starting something new.

Especially when coming into a room of people that you don’t know and embarking on a new journey that is both special and extremely personal to you .

This is why at BLB we make such an effort on making sure we get to speak to you, and that you are ready to personally make some real changes in yourself and that you fir the values that we at busy ladies promote.

Busy Ladies … is and will always be about being able to over deliver on our promises... Now don’t get me wrong ... our classes are busy and we have a heck of a lot of members.

But this has taken us 3 years to build and is due to the fantastic results and drastic changes we keep making in people’s lives.

By being able to over deliver on what we say we will we have gained a fantastic reputation in the community .

By the time you have come to your first session we will more than likely have met.

I like to ensure this as then you will be more comfortable with me, my coaching style and should feel a little more at ease when coming in.

The Group

Our group of ladies may be completely different every time you come in as the schedule is completely open , to cater for busy ladies that may struggle to stick to a rigid exercise plan.

The feedback we have had from ladies who have come to their very first class is always great and one that shows that the values of busy ladies are held strong in our group and that everyone no matter who they are feel welcome when they train with us.

This is due to us making sure that the right people are there.

So why don’t we do beginners classes ?

Imagine if you will…. Being self-conscious … feeling unfit … embarrassed about your ability .

To then come to see a coach who assesses you on your ability to perform …. And then tells you that you are not good enough and that you need to be put into the beginner’s class.

My personal stance on this is that it is complete bullshit .

This method will never make anyone feel good , and then when the individual eventually goes into the regular or advanced class they will feel like they are new to the group all over again .

I think while understanding that this may put some people at ease, it would be extremely easy to make this flip in the wrong direction and then lose the community and together feeling that blb are famous for .

Also no matter the ability of the ladies in camp I feel it is good to show the ladies that everyone struggles no matter how long they have been coming and that it is ok to find parts of the training hard to cope with .

The aim of your first class should be this …

Dip your toe in and have some fun

You have done the hard bit by showing up x