Does Lifting Weights Make You Bulky?

I don’t want to be a body builder !

This is one of the most common things our new members say, before they come to the Busy Ladies classes.

So let’s address this one ...

What are the benefits of resistance training or weight training and why do Busy Ladies promote that you should regular weight training as well as cardio?

Promoting healthy strong, confident women

You will torch calories like a furnace when you lift weights

You will torch calories like a furnace when you lift weights

We promote healthy strong, confident women ... I will never promote skinny !

The most relevant one in this conversation ... weight loss. You will torch calories like a furnace when you lift weights ... muscle mass is 5 x more effective than anything in your body at burning fat.

So if we increased your muscle mass by 5% - which is very reserved as a target in all fairness - you would be 25% more efficient at burning calories!

Sounds pretty awesome doesn't it? Gain a little muscle ... Burn more fat ... look better and in turn burn more calories while your resting and looking awesome.

You will strengthen your bones ... You will be stronger ... feel stronger and be more suited for the wear and tear that day to day life has on your body !! 🙂

Why is that important? You will be way less inclined to become injured which when you are accident prone like I am, helps !!

You can become more flexible !!!

Weight training movements can involve large muscle groups, small muscle groups and multiple joint actions all at the same time for a sustained period of the exercise …. Meaning you will become more flexible, increase good posture and have less aches and pains generally increasing your good mood x

Moving on to the next one is that exercise in general is the best medicine , however heavy weight training is awesome for relieving stress on those days when you want to kill everyone around you.

There truly is nothing better than rock music, heavy weights and stress relief ... its magical !

SO addressing the becoming huge and bulky argument.

This is entirely down to the amounts of food and calories you are putting into your body.

A few other reasons are you have to be in an excess of calories to gain any form of muscle mass, with the amount of calories you burn when lifting heavy weights ... you would actively have to be trying to consume a larger amount of calories to gain bulk

Which most people unless they are body building …. Hence the name building mass

Final Note

You will change the shape of your body and composition you probably won’t become huge .

Body builders who consume thousands of excess calories per day only gain a few pounds of lean muscle a year.

So if you aren’t on steroids, insulin and hormones and taking in enough food to feed a small village… you will be OK.