Fitness Accountability - What is it and how does it help

Fitness Accountability is an important aspect of Busy Ladies Bootcamps, it plays a very big part of your fitness journey in terms of fitness, weight loss and all round health?

In this article we cover what it really means and how you can gain the most by being accountable.

What is Fitness Accountability?

If you have had the pleasure of listening to some of our podcasts from previous weeks you will now know that health, and fitness is a multi-layered approach to an individual and that health and fitness does not mean how far can you run on a treadmill and whether or not you are considered to be poorly or well generally.

So why do we keep banging on about being accountable, within BLB fitness accountability is everything!

lack of accountability is probably the biggest reason that people end up failing long term

Lack of accountability is probably the biggest reason that people end up failing long term on their goals in anything

It has been clinically proven that lack of accountability is probably the biggest reason that people end up failing long term on their goals in anything. So we’re now not talking about health and fitness where talking about everything that you aim to achieve in.
You may have heard this in a few different areas but my thesis on accountability is that the stats, unless they are being done wrong, do not lie.

If we we’re talking about the health of a business:

What are the areas you would need to be accountable in ?

  • Growth
  • Sales
  • Leads Conversions
  • Revenue VS Profit Margins etc etc.

So why do people look at their health and fitness differently? I feel this is because people are more emotionally connected to their bodies, and that it can be hard to look at oneself in this manner in taking emotional influence out of the equations and being able to say that these are the numbers, these are the facts and this is where I am at the moment.

So fitness accountability with Busy Ladies Bootcamps covers many different aspects and here they are :

  • Have you been to classes?
  • Has your food been on track ?
  • What is your weight ?
  • What is you measurements?
  • How are your before and after photos looking ?

And the most variable of all … How do you feel about yourself at the moment? How has your week been and how can you be better and continue to do the things well that you have been doing so well at?

Tracking Your Fitness Accountability

The answer to everything I have just written and how to be better in all of these areas is to track it.

The reason we need the stats is how we feel can alter probably 600 times a day , stub your foot on the bed I can pretty much bet my life on it you’ll be pissed off for a moment ... This followed by spilling coffee all over yourself on the way out the door, and then being late for work are all factors that would affect your day, if you were to allow this to affect your day and then go on a choccie bicci rampage at work then get on the scales …. Guess what you’ve just created a shit week!

Especially if this is the only measure you have! You have now just 100% failed.

This is where BLB differs!

Busy Ladies Bootcamps have a system that allows our members to even track how they are feeling

Busy Ladies Bootcamps have a system that allows our members to even track how they are feeling

Because we have a system that allows our member’s to even track how they are feeling and we can identify the patterns in behaviour and work with them to create a real breakthrough in the habits in our ladies to create new positive habits that allow success to happen .

We also track as mentioned above a whole load of different stats, the reason for this is so that our ladies do not have that fucked up slimming world negative relationship with getting weighed and being judged if they have “failed because they haven’t dropped weight “.

However being accountable even with the best tools in the game can be a fail if you do not stick to it!

Our system even has a function where you can see your progress visually on a chart that shows your measurements, weight and mentality towards your goals moving in the direction that they should be.

And if they are not, this system makes it very easy to be able to figure out where the break in the chain is so to speak and eliminates that going back to what doesn’t work thing that people tend to do.

Accountability with Busy Ladies makes it possible for you to be able to address the issues head on, and if need be books 121 consultation with our team in order to be able to hash out the issues and address the plan and create an all weathers system to be able to create the lasting change that our ladies have needed for so long.

Consistency In Your Fitness Accountability

If you don't have a consistent approach to Fitness Accountability - you will end up going back to doing what doesn’t work and keeping doing it!

Imagine - If you can, having a system that tracks all the things that you are doing vs the success or desired result that you require in all areas and you could see it right in front of you!

I am so blessed to be able to have discovered this gem of information at an age where I can spend a long time being able to help other people do exactly that.

Looking back does not serve us other than to learn from experience, imagine having a system that you can apply to all areas of your life that has been given to you by a coach at “ just another Bootcamp”

I would have saved some serious time and made some amazing progress , but looking forward and using the knowledge I now have is what I am all about.

In Summary

So, what I am saying in summary is this:

If you are not accountable … It will not count for much down the line.

If you aren’t assessing you’re trying to hammer square pegs into round holes ... You can’t do it as you don’t know what you’re doing or what you’re doing it for.

Fitness Accountability – tracking progress- not going back to things you have tried that didn’t work … If you don’t know what to do … Get the help.

Maybe with a system that literally does all the hard work for you