9 reasons that you are NOT losing Body Fat!!

Losing Body Fat can sometimes be a very frustrating process. Whatever we seem to do, the body fat just doesn't want to shift. So here are nine common reasons why you might not be getting the results you want.


I feel that the biggest reason that you are not losing body fat is stress! Stress is one of the worlds biggest killers, in that it kills motivation and it kills drive. If you are highly stressed, you often don't feel as though you want to train. Stress tends to lead to unhealthy eating habits and you do not want to eat healthily. This results in your body flooding with hormones, that cause weight gain as a bi-product.

Not eating enough

Not eating enough

Not eating enough can cause lack of motivation

Fad diets are a killer and I have seen clients try every diet on the planet, only to see them starving, tired and grump. And guess what - they quit - and feel like a failure. If you are not eating enough calories,  you can't train properly, resulting in a lack of motivation. That feeling of failure, when you get on the scales and see that there is little or no change

Your body is an awesome machine - and if you do not eat enough food, whatever food you do eat, your body holds on to in case there is not gonna be any food around for a while. Busy Ladies Bootcamps has some great hints, tips and recipes for delicious food - that allows you to eat the right food in the right portions.

A systematic approach to food

The body loves a systematic approach to food. You have heard the saying little and often, a million times, but if you eat the wrong things little and often  - more often than not you will not get the results that you are looking for. Find a system that fits in to your lifestyle - but remember to try and stick to it - and if you are struggling, ask us at training for some help.

Eating too much

Eating too much

Eating too much of the wrong foods can stop you losing body fat

OK this is one of the biggest things people struggle with. They either (a) eat too little or (b) eat too much. Now some people have no clue about nutrition, but how many people have seen the very large lady that says: I eat great, I eat fish and vegetables and fruit.

Now food is all about moderation but I've never seen anyone who truly eats fish, vegetables and fruit that are obese. Which brings me to point 5 - Denial


So many people know what they need to do, but cannot make the mental shift to make that change in lifestyle. Changes in eating habits, changes in training habits - or even getting started in training full stop. There is always an excuse, a convenient lie - and before long that excuse becomes the norm. This excuse then becomes, in their minds, the truth and it is very hard to get somebody to change when they "believe" in something that is the truth.

It comes down to the ability to be brutally honest with yourself.....do you have a problem and do you want to fix it. Write it down, the truth hurts sometimes, but if you can acknowledge a problem, you have taken a massive step to overcoming it.

Establish the problem, develop a plan to overcome it, and get going. It sounds simple when put like that, we understand it isn't, but will help you at every stage to get you there.

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Lack of exercise

Lack of exercise

Lack of exercise - an easy fix!

I go through this a lot with my female clients and I think two main factors help massively with losing body fat in relation to exercise :-

1) Metabolic rate fat vs muscle - muscle burns around 5x more calories at rest than fat, so to all you women out there, weight training will not make you bulky, it will actually help you lose weight easier, even in your sleep!!

2) The after burn effect - when you take part in resistance and high intensity exercises, you will continue to burn calories for hours after the exercise and hard work is finished! Plus going back to point No.1 it can also massively reduce stress, as shown in scientific studies, and less stress can lead to more chance of losing weight 🙂

Underlying medical issues

Some people can struggle losing weight for genetic issues and underlying medical issues such as hormonal imbalances, thyrioid issues or polysistic ovaries. If you feel that there could be any underlying issue, seek medical attention to rectify this and let us know before training with us.

You are eating the wrong sized meals

Not weighing your food can be a massive issue. Judging your food portions by eye ,and not scale, can seriously throw off your macros and calories for the day. A simple remedy is keeping a diary and weighing your food.

Poor sleep

Poor sleep patterns slows everything apart from your levels of stress and anxiety. It has been prove that poor sleep patterns slows muscle gain, weight loss and can even lead to you gaining weight.


ALL of the above reasons above, that you are NOT losing Body Fat, are relative to each other. Once one of these symptoms or reasons is present, it is not long until the other issues start to poke their head around the corner, and ultimately this can be a set up for failure!! Go through each point, write down - honestly - if you think you suffer from that particular issue - and make a plan to overcome it. If you are struggling on any of the points, just drop us a message - or speak to Brett at training.