The 3 D's - What they are and how they affect you

The 3 D's - we've all heard of them, and they play a big part in our weight loss - or sometimes in the lack of weight loss. In this short article, I identify what they are, and things you should maybe look out for, if you are trying to lose weight.


Beware of Miracle Diets

Beware of Miracle Diets

I think that the very word 'diet' strikes fear into the hearts of millions of women across the globe, on probably more than hourly basis. The stigma that has been given to dieting alone, for some people, is enough for them to retreat, accept defeat and head straight for the take away menu or the biscuit barrel.

I think this has a lot to do with body shaming, media influence and social pressure on how people should look.

Also I think the promotion of these so called 'miracle diets' have created a society of people who are more desperate than ever to try crazy methods of losing weight .

Have you ever felt that pressure? I know that I have. And I can tell you even as a man that it is not great, so from a coach who has trained literally thousands of women who are feeling this way, I think the time for change is upon us. It’s time to break the cycle. I am not sure this is possible but hell I am going to give it my best effort. Don't let the word diet strike fear into you - it's just a word. Understand the basics, understand your goals, and go about any dieting based on solid knowledge, not corporate hype.


So deprivation…. and diet tie in together, and the reason for this is the association that they have to each other. The new deprivation style of you can lose a stone in a week dieting, seems to highly manipulate the ratio of fats, carbs and protein…. Such as a keto diet, or Atkins style high protein diet.

They do have a place in weight loss and can work but……. True to real life they are not the silver bullet we have been looking for. These sorts of diets are so restricting, that they can be hard to stick to in day to day life and this can cause you to start to hate the diet.


Don't feel defeated

Don't feel defeated

This is the last part of the cycle, where the diet has been so restrictive, that we decide we can’t do it. This results in a feeling that we have failed. This is where we start feeling shit about it - and we go straight back to the behavior that’s got us to, where we are feeling that we need to go on a diet because our day to day routine has caused us to gain weight.


In closing, I think modern dieting designed by companies, works in the three D’s. It promotes a cycle that we think we cannot break instead of sticking to realistic basic eating, cleaning up our food while allowing room for treats and living a normal life and enjoying the success ad great feeling from doing so.

That sounds like a much better recipe for success.